A Miracle A Day, Day 61

chakra-waterWATER, a pliable, movable and vitally necessary substance is a miracle supporting and sustaining life on planet earth.  WATER can be moved through, floated upon, directed. purified, and utilized to sustain a healthy life. WATER is also powerful.  Falling from a high cliff to a stream or river below it creates both the beauty and power that can be harnessed to provide electricity.  Overflowing rivers, lakes and drains it can demolish everything in its path.  WATER is powerful and it is vital to our existence.  It is essentially invisible yet reflects color and images from the atmosphere surrounding it. Lakes and oceans appear to be blue, reflecting the color refracted off droplets in the air.  Up to 60% of our adult bodies are made up of water.  The color blue can also be seen by aura photography to reflect our energy in varying degrees from the area of the throat chakra and to some extent from the area of the third eye. It seems we share some of the qualities of WATER. Our thoughts and words, like WATER often reflect the atmosphere surrounding us. They can be moved, floated upon, directed, purified and utilized to sustain a healthy attitude.  When the atmosphere of life seems dark and gray, I can shift my thoughts and radiate a more vibrant energy, a more positive outlook.  I can expect a miracle.  Even when WATER pours through a hole in my roof or comes flooding into my home it is still a miracle.  If it seems to be something else, I remember that everything is a miracle and I affirm the good that exists just beyond my vision. I bless the water as I redirect it and then ponder the possibilities of the miracle left in its wake.  WATER is a miracle and so am I.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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