A Miracle A Day, Day 62


GLITTER, that sparkly collection of shiny confetti that brings laughter and squeals from children of all ages is a miracle to behold.  As an adult, I know the drawbacks of glitter.  It’s hard to clean off tables and floors.  It does a number on vacuums and tries the patience of teachers and classroom volunteers.  I know the reasons why we limit its use and I cannot help but agree. But what a wonder to behold when the conditions are right.  It is a glorious substance whether glued to a hand-made greeting card, stuffed as a surprise in an envelope, sprinkled in the hair of a beautiful teen or floating through the air like shining particles of Light and wonder.  The tiniest of mirrors and radiant prismatic colors dance through the air reflecting and refracting all that is there.  Perhaps the joy that is brought forth from this dance is not in the plastic or metal that scatters about.  Perhaps the brightness they bring is the reflection they see.  So small and so tiny perhaps what they see is the tiniest of particles and waves of pure Light that vibrate so fast they can’t be seen by our eyes.  Perhaps they are openings to the space in between.  GLITTER is magic and a miracle to see.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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