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A Miracle A Day, Day 86

anchor.cc.450458917_05a1ffb1e9_qANCHORS are the miracle that keeps us stable in the midst of the waves and winds of life.  When boating, an anchor keeps us in the place of our choosing, minimizing the effect of wind and waves.  As I watched the 4th of July parade from my paddle boat last week I became acutely aware of how an anchor would have been useful.  The wind was gentle but steadily moved me toward a sea of lily pads.  Although beautiful to view, the lily pads get tangled in the paddle wheel and wrap around the rudder making it almost impossible to move or steer the boat.  Much of my time during the parade was spent paddling away from the lily pads.  It was a bit distracting and rather exhausting leaving me with little energy for the return trip.  In our lives, we have a variety of ANCHORS that keep us from drifting away from where we choose to be. Our ANCHORS may be Friends, Family, Mentors, or our Spiritual Foundation.  An affirmation, a statement of Truth or a deep faith in a Power greater than ourselves can ANCHOR us in a stable place of consciousness, reducing the effects of the winds and waves of life.  ANCHORS are a miracle granted to each of us and they sometimes show up in unexpected places, people and events.  For the ANCHORS in our lives to be effective, we have to use them; drop them into the watery energy that is our thoughts, feelings and emotions. ANCHORed in the gifts of Spirit, we remain stable, our rudder stays clear, and we can steer through the winds and waves of life with ease and grace.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

A Miracle A Day, Day 67

OnenessONENESS is the miracle that underlies all of Life.  A miracle is defined as something unexpected that transcends physical law.  Certainly, in a world where we are continually bombarded with evidence of our differences, the notion that we are all ONE is an astonishing idea.  And yet, it is true.  Although we inhabit separate bodies that are infinitely unique, we each spring forth from the same Source of Life.  We are first, spiritual beings and second, physical beings.  In Spirit, we are ONE.  Awareness of ONENESS in the midst of diversity is the key to transcending the experience of conflict.  If ONENESS is true, conflict with another is conflict with ourselves.  If peace and harmony are our deepest desire, then peace and harmony with ourselves can bring peace and harmony to the whole.  To live in an awareness of ONENESS is to recognize that all we project on another we project on ourselves.  When Jesus spoke about loving our neighbor as ourselves he was acknowledging the miraculous truth of ONENESS, for to love another IS loving ourselves, and this is the key to living from Heaven consciousness. 

A Miracle A Day, Day 61

chakra-waterWATER, a pliable, movable and vitally necessary substance is a miracle supporting and sustaining life on planet earth.  WATER can be moved through, floated upon, directed. purified, and utilized to sustain a healthy life. WATER is also powerful.  Falling from a high cliff to a stream or river below it creates both the beauty and power that can be harnessed to provide electricity.  Overflowing rivers, lakes and drains it can demolish everything in its path.  WATER is powerful and it is vital to our existence.  It is essentially invisible yet reflects color and images from the atmosphere surrounding it. Lakes and oceans appear to be blue, reflecting the color refracted off droplets in the air.  Up to 60% of our adult bodies are made up of water.  The color blue can also be seen by aura photography to reflect our energy in varying degrees from the area of the throat chakra and to some extent from the area of the third eye. It seems we share some of the qualities of WATER. Our thoughts and words, like WATER often reflect the atmosphere surrounding us. They can be moved, floated upon, directed, purified and utilized to sustain a healthy attitude.  When the atmosphere of life seems dark and gray, I can shift my thoughts and radiate a more vibrant energy, a more positive outlook.  I can expect a miracle.  Even when WATER pours through a hole in my roof or comes flooding into my home it is still a miracle.  If it seems to be something else, I remember that everything is a miracle and I affirm the good that exists just beyond my vision. I bless the water as I redirect it and then ponder the possibilities of the miracle left in its wake.  WATER is a miracle and so am I.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

A Miracle A Day, Day 53

air.dreamstimefree_253441AIR, that miraculous and vital mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and argon is what we breathe, assimilate into the blood, and then exhale in a continuous cycle of giving and receiving.  We draw this seemingly invisible substance into our bodies and then give it back to the earth in a transformed state.  It is such a fundamental element that we often take it for granted, until we find ourselves short of it.  Mixed with heat it becomes thinner and lighter allowing hot AIR balloons to drift upon it.  Oh, if we were more like the balloon, rising above whatever the AIR seems filled with, drifting, floating upon its tiny, unseen particles.  But wait! Perhaps we can float on the AIR.  Warming our consciousness is possible by filling it with Light, with thoughts that rise above the circumstances of life.  Thoughts that give thanks for the AIR we breathe, thoughts that acknowledge and revere the miracle of Life, thoughts that give and receive Divine Love lift us higher and we float upon the invisible substance of Spirit. 

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

Rev. Eileen is an ordained Unity minister currently serving at Unity of Livonia in Livonia, Michigan.  To view the entire Miracle A Day series, visit her Facebook page.

A Miracle A Day, Day 49

cloudsTHOUGHT is the miraculous evidence of consciousness. I think, therefore I am.  Or, perhaps the opposite is true.  I am, therefore I think. THOUGHT is more than electrical impulses receiving and interpreting information. THOUGHT is a part of the creative process evident in all that takes shape and form.  Thoughts create our experiences.  Thoughts generate energy that can influence our feelings and behavior, and can even influence those around us.  Have you ever walked into a room and simply known there was an energy to the thoughts of the people in the room?  Thought generates an energy that can be felt, an energy that influences behavior, outcomes and experiences.  Sometimes the energy can almost be felt.  Imagine, if our thoughts were like the jet streams across the sky, creating a trail relative to the energy they carried.  Happy positive thoughts would leave a trail of light and puffy billows that skipped across the sky.  Angry, fearful and hurtful thoughts might leave a trail that was dense, heavy, and not so pretty.  Our thoughts may not be visible, but they do indeed create a stream of energy that enfolds our world.  Happy, loving, caring, nurturing thoughts – happy, loving, caring, nurturing earth.  Angry, judgmental hurtful thoughts … Well you get the picture. Let our thoughts be the miracle they are intended to be and create a network of loving energy encircling our earth.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

Rev. Eileen is an ordained Unity minister currently serving at Unity of Livonia in Livonia, Michigan.  To view the entire Miracle A Day series, visit her Facebook page.

Living In Color: The Metaphysics of OZ, part 1

In preparation for ministry, Jesus told his disciples if they entered a house and were welcomed there to stay and bless that house. And, if they enMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAtered a house that did not welcome them, they should leave that place and shake the dust from their feet. This is practical advice. Who has not tried to influence the mindset of another who does not welcome your ideas? And how successful has that been? How much energy was expended?
          A house is more than a building in which we live. It is a mindset or consciousness. If we enter a mindset that is unwelcoming or discordant, we are advised to leave that place too. Leave that mindset. Leave that consciousness behind and shake off the cosmic dust. Yes. I said cosmic dust; the energy and thought patterns that cause our Light and energy to feel dull, clouded and heavy.
          In the film, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy shakes off the dust of the black and white house, and steps into a world of Living Color. This is a very different place. It’s not the dust bowl of  Kansas anymore. In the center of this strange new land lies a golden path, an expanding spiral that leads Dorothy on a journey of self discovery.
          When we are willing to let go of  black and white thinking; the idea  that something is either/or, right/wrong, better/worse, my way/the highway, we expand. We  create a space in mind for a new idea. In the midst of obstacles or the cyclones of life we may feel an urge to run away. But being willing to step into new ideas or greater thoughts we open ourselves to, infinite possibilities.
          Dorothy grows on her journey and discovers her own inner power. Each of us have a Dorothy within us. We have a desire to grow and expand, to reach beyond limitation and feelings of  powerlessness. We have a desire to find our true home, a place in consciousness where trouble melts like lemon drops. We can learn from Dorothy’s adventures and the steps she takes along the yellow brick road.
          When Dorothy races the cyclone back to the farm, she finds the cellar door locked. Seeking shelter she goes  to her room where she sees her challenges and attachments passing by  through the window.  She  sees them from a new perspective. They are a bit smaller in the window.  We open a window in our minds when we go to our room to pray. When we go to our inner sanctuary to pray we reconnect with the Power of God  within us which is greater than the obstacles before us.
          When Dorothy opens the door to a strange new land she leaves behind the dust and enters a  new and colorful land of possibility. We enter a place of infinite possibility when we release what is not in harmony with our true selves. We step into a path of expanding consciousness when we say yes to new ideas and spiritual stirrings. We expand when we let go of what we’ve always done, thought, and said to embrace a new way of being. We expand when we shake off the dust of judgment, shame and  blame. We expand when we release the belief we are powerless and step into authentic power.
          In this house we are welcome and empowered. In this consciousness there is peace and harmony. Here we discover that troubles melt like  lemon drops. Clouds dissolve revealing the Light of God shining through us  and whatever we dare to dream we have the power to make come true.
© 2015 Eileen Patra

Calming the Storm: A Prequel

The story of Jesus calming the storm (Mark 4:36-41) is a pretty well known one. Crossing the Sea of Galilee after a long day preaching to the crowds, Jesus falls asleep in the stern of the boat. As they travel across the sea, a storm comes up and the disciples fear they will drown. Frightened, they awaken Jesus who stands up and commands the wind and sea to be quiet and the storm is stilled. The astonished disciples ask “Who is this man who commands the wind and seas and they obey?”

A familiar story that at first glance seems to be another account of the miraculous power of Jesus. What you may not be familiar with is the prequel to this story. As Jesus and the disciples approach the boat Thomas asks Jesus “where do you want to go Teacher?” And Jesus, settling into the stern of the boat replies, “oh, I don’t care. Where do all of you want to go?”

Thus begins a virtual whirlwind of thoughts, opinions and commentary by the disciples. Peter begins with “I think we should stay right where we are. There’s no telling how much danger might be lurking out there.”

John responds with “we could go to Magdala. Everyone loves us there. Surely it can’t be dangerous there. But I don’t want to make waves. Wherever everyone else wants to go I’m ok with that.”

Judas gets a worried look and states “we shouldn’t go anywhere without life jackets!” To which Thaddeus adds we better patch up those holes before we go too. A boat should be tight letting nothing in .. Or out for that matter.”

Jesus begins to nod off just as Bartholomew shares that he has seen a vision of a peaceful beach where the fishing is good and everything is calm. “I’m not sure of course,” he says, “but I’m pretty sure. It’s to the east a bit. At least I think it is.”

“No, No, no.” Shouts Thomas. You’re always talking about these visions. There’s no way of knowing for sure. Let’s go to Hippas. I hear all kinds of deep thinking comes from there and I want to see for myself what these great thinkers look like.

James, son of Zebedee joins in with a grunt of dismissal. “None of you know what you are talking about. I know where to go. I know the people in all these places. I know the winds and fishing. It really should be up to me. And if you would all just stop talking I could figure it out.”

By now, Jesus is fast asleep as Andrew shouts that they should row against the wind as there is better fishing over there and surely they are strong enough to fight the wind. Then James, the son of Alpheus speaks up saying “I think we should go east. We always go west. Let’s try something different.” Philip just wanted to be heard and kept interjecting quite loudly that no one ever listened to him. Matthew stated that he was going to Philoteria, “… come hell or high water.” Simon thought they were wasting their time talking and just needed to start rowing or they would never get anywhere at all.

And so the disciples cast off with Jesus sound asleep in the stern of the boat and no decision about what direction they should go. And well, you know the rest, a great storm ensued.

When Jesus awakens to calm the storm we are given a glimpse into the power and presence of God demonstrated by Jesus. But on a metaphysical level the story invites us to reflect on how being awake to the presence of God within us, right here in our very own vessel of life, helps us to quiet the stormy seas of life, to calm the whirling of thoughts that swirl through our minds.

The disciples are a cross section of the prevailing society and represent the different aspects of human consciousness, sometimes awaken and often asleep. In this prequel they exhibit what might occur in our own minds when we are asleep to the Christ within us. They become like the voice inside our head that schemes, debates, worries, judges, clings to the past and fears the future.

The scriptural story exemplifies the power of God within Jesus to calm the storms of life. But when we remember that Jesus told us the Father was in him as He was in us we find a deeper message. We discover that the disciples represent the power of God working through us when we are awakened to the Christ within us. This awakened Self stands firm in the midst of turbulence and tells the fearful voice to be still and know that God “is,” and all is well.

When the storm had settled, the Disciples pondered, “Who is this Man who commands the wind and seas and they obey?” The apostle Paul answers; this is “… Christ in you, your hope of glory.” This is truly Christ in you, awakened to the peaceful Power of God expressing as you.

© 2015 Eileen Patra