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A Council of Nine

I heard these words this morning as sat in prayer for our planet: A Council of Nine. The words coincided with this question: What if we stopped fighting globalization and embraced it? What if we stopped trying to make one country or another great and made our planet great? Becoming one global community is the natural progression of an evolving species able to recognize their common ground. The constant battle for who is right and who is the mightiest must give way to a recognition of our common source, common needs, and common desires.

What if we stopped? Right now? What if we stopped this insane cycle of victim and victor consciousness and stepped into an elevated awareness? The goals, the desires, the deep needs of our hearts can never be met while this cycle continues. It is only in letting go of those childish ways that we mature as spiritual beings. As human beings, for that matter.

It is time to embrace one another. To honor one another’s history, to respect one another’s spiritual beliefs – or lack of them – and recognize we are one people. living on one planet, amid infinite universes. Together, we are strong, alive, and living our purpose. Divided, we step out of the rhythm and harmony of life, and we fall.

What is the Council of Nine? I’m still allowing those words to meander through my mind. Does it represent the seven chakras with an additional one for the earth and one for the sky? Perhaps. Do they represent nine aspects of human consciousness common to all sentient beings? Possibly. Does it represent nine highly evolved human beings, each representing a group of people here on earth – seven continents, one ocean, and one connecting the earth to the universe? A concept to ponder to be sure.

For today, I sit in an awareness that I am a spiritual being having a minimum of seven spiritual centers actively moving throughout my physical and energetic bodies, each connecting me through the ethers to all other beings. I focus too on the energy center below and the energy center above connecting me to earth and sky. I affirm my oneness with all that is and seek to find the subtly expanding light of individuals awakening everywhere. The threads of light connecting us create a great web of life, love, and universal harmony. This is the greatness upon which we must turn our attention. We are one, though some may not know it yet. We are one, and all is evolving and unfolding in perfect divine order.

© 2019. Eileen Patra.

Eileen Patra is an ordained Unity minister and the author of The Mystical Ark: A Vessel of Blessings available at www.themysticalark.com and other fine retailers.

A Miracle A Day, Day 61

chakra-waterWATER, a pliable, movable and vitally necessary substance is a miracle supporting and sustaining life on planet earth.  WATER can be moved through, floated upon, directed. purified, and utilized to sustain a healthy life. WATER is also powerful.  Falling from a high cliff to a stream or river below it creates both the beauty and power that can be harnessed to provide electricity.  Overflowing rivers, lakes and drains it can demolish everything in its path.  WATER is powerful and it is vital to our existence.  It is essentially invisible yet reflects color and images from the atmosphere surrounding it. Lakes and oceans appear to be blue, reflecting the color refracted off droplets in the air.  Up to 60% of our adult bodies are made up of water.  The color blue can also be seen by aura photography to reflect our energy in varying degrees from the area of the throat chakra and to some extent from the area of the third eye. It seems we share some of the qualities of WATER. Our thoughts and words, like WATER often reflect the atmosphere surrounding us. They can be moved, floated upon, directed, purified and utilized to sustain a healthy attitude.  When the atmosphere of life seems dark and gray, I can shift my thoughts and radiate a more vibrant energy, a more positive outlook.  I can expect a miracle.  Even when WATER pours through a hole in my roof or comes flooding into my home it is still a miracle.  If it seems to be something else, I remember that everything is a miracle and I affirm the good that exists just beyond my vision. I bless the water as I redirect it and then ponder the possibilities of the miracle left in its wake.  WATER is a miracle and so am I.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra