A Miracle A Day, Day 60

Blue Sky Day

CLOUDS are a miraculous element of the wondrous ecosystem of planet Earth.  They hold moisture and return it to the planet nurturing plant life, refilling bodies of water and providing a welcome bit of shade when the sun is especially bright.  CLOUDS provide a vehicle for the imagination to stretch and expand. As a child a favorite summer pastime was to lay on a blanket and watch the clouds, picking out the forms of giraffes, ice cream cones and Mickey Mouse.  As they gently floated by, a metamorphous took place.  What started as an ice cream cone gently transformed into a helicopter.  Altered by the wind, the CLOUDS were an ever-changing source of beauty and delight.  I am grateful for these breathtaking images provided by this miracle of nature.  When I see dark clouds, I know they are preparing to feed and bathe the planet so I give thanks for those clouds too.  Like the experiences of life, clouds are ever-changing yet always full of something nourishing; beauty, delight or a much needed shower to cleanse, purify, and quench what thirsts and encourage growth.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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