The Mystical Ark

Praise for The Mystical Ark

This exciting, inspiring novel swings right into action.  Readers will not need to wait to get into the exploits with this story.   Elena is an artist who works occasionally with an archaeological team.  This adventure is one in a lifetime and brings all sorts of blessings and some disturbing questions, too.

The book is a wonderful mixture of mystery, suspense, action adventure, humor, and a sprinkling of fantasy.  Readers will join Elena on a journey of discovery unlike any other.  Characters are well-developed, although readers will have questions and doubts at times.

This is a hard book to put down.  The cast is dynamic and always learning, planning, questioning and acting.  This book is highly recommended for adults and teenagers who enjoy a thought-provoking adventure.  Released just in time for summer reading, wise readers will grab a copy for their beach bags and enjoy the journey.  

~ Janice L. Smith –  Book Reviewer