A Miracle A Day, Day 84

toilet.cc.8801986560_173fa40664_z (1)TOILETS are another miracle of human ingenuity.  We have discovered a way to utilize the natural resource of water to wash away … well, “you know what.”  Metaphysically, we can appreciate TOILETS as the ability to flush away the “you know what” from our minds.  And, the ability to flush what is no longer useful in our minds or our lives is a miracle indeed.  But further, hold on to your hats here; God speaks to me through TOILETS!  OK, not a mysterious deep voice coming up through the plumbing, but in a subtler way.  The most dramatic episode of this occurred during my ministerial studies when I was asked to give the Sunday sermon while my minister was away.  Having worked with youth for many years I got excited about the idea of bringing the metaphysics of Oz to the adult congregation.  But then, a bunch of “you know what” started to gather in my mind.  What if they think it’s too childish of a message? What if they don’t get it?  What if I’m not good enough to pull this off?  Maybe the Wizard of Oz is just not the right theme?”  Well, as God would have it, I was still working in the secular world as a graphic artist running backstage PowerPoint presentations at large scale business meetings.  The week before I was to give the talk I traveled to Las Vegas for one of these conferences.  As I entered the hotel where the meeting was to be held, the background music playing was “If I Only Had a Brain.”  The hotel was the MGM Grand, and the way to our conference room just happened to sport a yellow-brick road.  Well, I began to gather God was assuring me my topic was just fine.  But as I entered my room later that evening there were still remnants of doubt pooling around in my head.  As I entered the bathroom, I noticed the TOILET.  Remember the TOILETS?  The brand stamped on the back of the toilet was, you guessed it, Toto!  That seriously flushed away any doubt still lingering within me.  And so, believe it or not, TOILETS are a miracle and God uses them to speak to me.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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