A Miracle A Day, Day 57

color.dreamstimefree_188563COLOR, the miracle of light refracting through waves and bouncing off particles, is subject to the perception of the human eye and mind. COLOR gives us rainbows, variety and clarity.  We assign colors to express ideas; red means stop, green means go, blue is associated with the sky and water; things that we can move through.  And COLOR is very much dependent on Light.  When the sun is shining COLOR seems bright and distinctive.  When the moon rises and the sun fades from sight, colors become less distinct, shades of gray and white.  Could it be that this miracle of COLOR is a reflection of ourselves?  When we let the Light in we are a spectrum of COLOR and vibrant energies creating rainbows, variety and clarity.  When we hold on to dense energies such as anger, fear and judgment we let less Light in and our energetic COLOR becomes less brilliant.  COLOR is a miracle that can be seen more deeply when we open the inner eye to the radiant Light of God refracting through the waves and particles we call us.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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