A Miracle A Day, Day 35

carAVOIDED ACCIDENTS, you know, those times when you say “…by some miracle I missed that accident!”  I was there this morning, at a dead stop at the end of an exit ramp with cars behind me still traveling 70 mph.  My heart was in my throat as I looked in the review mirror and switched on my emergency flashers hoping they would slow down.  And it worked!  The flashers went on, they swerved away and suddenly there were no more cars coming up the ramp until a huge semi-truck pulled up behind me and stopped blocking any further speeding cars from my path.  Avoided Accident!  Sometimes it is dramatic as an oncoming collision is somehow averted but more often it is subtle. It is that spontaneous decision to take another route, the last minute phone call that has us on the road a few minutes late, or the slow, slow car in front of us that keeps us on the road a little longer. Later we find that had we been “on time” we would have been a part of an accident.  These are the outworkings of a higher power diverting our movement through a universe that can seem chaotic, into a path of safety guided by the unseen divine order some of us call God and many of us recognize as miracles.

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra

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