A Mystical Approach to Spiritual Law:
Part 1: A Modern-Day Moses

A workshop based on the upcoming companion guide to The Mystical Ark

The Mystical Ark is a fictional story about the discovery of a portal into a Mystical Experience in which the characters attain a state of total knowingness. There they discover that the words believed to be carved on stone tablets in a lost ark represent blessings more profound than the demands of a jealous, judgmental god in the sky. Awakened to unfathomable wholeness, the characters return to the day-to-day world of human life, grappling with the challenge of living “…in the world but not of it.”

The companion book, A Mystical Approach to Spiritual Law to be published in
2021, takes a deeper look at the inherent blessings as keys to living from a
more fully awakened awareness in a world still asleep. But, you don’t have to
wait for the companion book to be published! Schedule this workshop at your
church, center, or organization to get an advanced look at the principles that
lay the groundwork for living a mystical and empowered life.

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From Impediment to Empowerment

Whatever we face in this experience called life, we always have a choice: Will we be blocked by obstacles or will we use them as stepping stones to our greatness? There are countless individuals who have done the latter and have become greater individuals because of their challenges. Now it’s our turn to be counted in those numbers. We will look at any impediment as a chance for greater empowerment, as an opportunity to grow bigger in God, and as an opening through which our consciousness can expand. So, bring your biggest challenge to the table and let’s turn it around!

Topics Include:

  • Perception (Seeing Beneath, Beyond and Above)
  • Inspired Action (Tuning In to Divine
  • Right Use of Will (Alignment – w/Higher Self)
  • Ready to Risk (Empowered Living)

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