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Awakening the Dream

non-violence-1158317_1920I watched the movie Selma Monday night.  It was Martin Luther King Day and I was looking for inspiration for my Wednesday night Meditation and Mindful Musings Service in his honor.  The movie left me with the tears I knew would flow the moment I tuned in. As the final epitaphs flashed upon the screen next to the faces of the major players I felt the emotion building.  And then Martin’s face was on the screen. The letters appeared one at a time. I knew what they would say. I had seen the spoiler in 1968. I braced myself. And then I cried.

Such a beautiful soul with a vision so much greater than himself. I cried because he was gone. And I cried because of what he had shown me.  I cried because he was so young. He was just 39 years old. He’d only just begun. Yet he had accomplished precisely what he came here to do and be; to be the Light of God expressing, to awaken sleeping souls and to raise awareness and consciousness in a much too slowly evolving country. This he did. He had a big dream and he stirred that dream within the hearts of many.  Yet still there were so many who could not yet see.

In a recent discussion on racism, the term “white guilt” was mentioned.  It was suggested that all white people carry guilt over slavery and the long, lingering energies of racism and inequality.  I thought deeply about that as “guilt” did not feel right to me. It was not the right word. Not for me anyway.  Shared responsibility perhaps, but guilt was not it. I thought perhaps that it was compassion that was somehow being mistaken for guilt because certainly I felt that. But that wasn’t quite right either. Shame. That was more like it. I feel shame. Not personal shame but shame for humankind still capable of such atrocious acts. I feel confusion and anger. I am baffled at how any intelligent being can justify such cruelty to another being for something as arbitrary as skin color. I am angry that beautiful, intelligent, loving people had their lives cut short because of inexplicable hatred. I am angry that it continues.

And then I take a breath.  I know that shame is a non-productive emotion.  Although it serves to show us what we don’t want to do, it cannot take us where we want to be. And so it must be released like molting skin or extra eyelids that cloud the vision.  Likewise, anger wallowed in serves no purpose. But used instead as a catalyst for growth and transformation it can direct us toward a greater end. That requires Love. It requires Faith. Anger, requires a greater Vision, a greater dream to direct its powerful energy toward a higher goal.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream. He had what Jesus called “eyes to see,” and I “thank God Almighty,” that his dream is awake and alive in me. I honor him today by tuning in to that dream, by living it as the Truth I know. I honor him by sharing and cultivating that dream and never allowing it to fade. I honor him by allowing my heart to feel the pain of those who have been harmed and treated less than the beautiful souls they are, and then, to feel the Truth that right now unfolds itself in millions of hearts working together to let freedom ring and liberty finally made real.

© Rev. Eileen DeRosia Patra. January 17, 2018

Rev. Eileen is an ordained, Unity minister currently serving Unity of Livonia in Livonia, Michigan. She leads a Sunday service at 10 am and a Wednesday night Meditation and Mindful Musing service on Wednesdays at 7 pm.


cc-clairvoyanceCLAIRVOYANCE, the ability to see beyond what is currently visible to the human eye is the miracle of Spiritual Vision or seeing with the Mind’s eye.  This is not an ability conferred upon the few, but an ability inherent in all.  If I invite you to think about a blue butterfly, an image comes to mind of a blue butterfly.  It may not be a picture-perfect image, but you know what you are seeing in your mind’s eye. The “Clairvoyant” has simply learned to utilize this invisible sense to a higher degree.  Seeing the invisible, that which has not yet occurred or that which occurred millennia ago only requires that we transcend what the physical eyes behold.  Time, is an illusion, relative to our current position in the universe. In Spirit, all things occur simultaneously so seeing what has not yet occurred is simply looking beyond what the physical eyes, bound by time and space are beholding.  With practice, we can increase the ability to SEE beyond the physical, to SEE beyond the appearance of limitation and separation.  We do not alter the future in doing so. Instead, we alter our own consciousness which in turn changes what we bring forth next.  CLAIRVOYANCE, is the miracle of Spiritual Sight inherent in all.  It is intended to be utilized, not “… hidden under a basket.”

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

Rev. Eileen is an ordained Unity minister currently serving at Unity of Livonia in Livonia, Michigan.   

A Miracle A Day, The Day After

imageORLANDO. For the past 64 days, I have been posting A Miracle A Day with an intention to remind all of us that miracles are all around us, awaiting our discovery, ready to lift us to a higher perspective in which all of life is seen and experienced as a miracle.  And then there was Orlando. Your heart may be asking, “where is the miracle today?” I for one have given it a great deal of thought over the past few days.

Apparently when Einstein said “there are two ways in which to live your life, one as if nothing is a miracle, the other as if everything is a miracle,” he wasn’t aware of a world in which mass shootings of innocent people had become commonplace. Apparently he was not aware of a world in which hatred, judgment, violence and vengeance ran rampant. But wait!  He did. Einstein lived through World War II, a war born of hatred and mass genocide.  Visiting the U.S. when Hitler rose to power Einstein never returned to his war torn homeland.  Still, he was able to recognize the possibility that life would be better, more harmonious, more joyful if one could discover a miracle in everything.

As the U.S. reels with the tragedy of the Orlando shootings the impact is bound to give rise to feelings of anger and outrage. Vengeance may peek its head out of dark places in the mind. But none of these emotions or reactions will end this violent cycle in human history. “Hate cannot drive out hate. Only Love can do that,” orates Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Apparently Doctor King did not live during such times either. But wait! He did. He lived during a time of extreme racial discrimination and intense hatred, so much so that he was assassinated for his efforts to drive out hatred and bring us to a new level of tolerance and acceptance.

What Einstein and Dr, King had in common was the ability to look beyond the visible, beyond the current circumstance to a greater vision, one in which everything is whole and everything is a miracle. And they lived their lives in accordance with their vision.

Perhaps the miracle we can observe today is leaders such as these who have graced our lives with a message of great vision and who lived according to it. Perhaps it is the people right here and now who will not be shaken and will not give up on a world awakening to love. Perhaps it is the law enforcement responders who risked their lives to stop the horror. Perhaps it is the survivor who risked his life to help another out of the terrifying chaos or to do his best to stop the bleeding. Perhaps it is in the courage of those who found a way to survive, to assist the law enforcement responders with clandestine text messages. Perhaps it is in the hearts of loved ones who have lost a precious person in their lives but will somehow find a way to forgive, not the violence, not the hatred, but the spiritual essence of a perpetrator so encased in darkness that he could express none of the Light in himself, only hatred. Perhaps it is in the hearts of each of as we refuse to give up, as we refuse to accept a world asleep. Perhaps it is in our refusal to accept that more violence will answer our cry for peace. Perhaps it is in the knowing there IS indeed a way to live in harmony and the refusal to give up hope until it is realized. Perhaps it is in the place within our hearts where an awareness of the oneness of all things pulls us to a higher vision. Perhaps it is in the commitment we make to ensure a safer world not only through legislation, but through education and the modeling of tolerance, acceptance and love. Perhaps it is in a commitment to starve hatred and feed love.  Perhaps it is simply to hold a vision greater than what appears before us until that vision takes form and holds each of us. Perhaps it is in the realization that the vision is God and has been holding us all along.

©2016. Reverend Eileen Patra