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A Positive Mirror

MIRROR.CC.26473288921_86c1832d80_mPerhaps one of the greatest gifts we can give another is to mirror something back that we do not yet see.  When someone does not behave in a way that we would like them to, perhaps releasing them from the image you hold of them will make a positive difference.  If you find someone who rubs you the wrong way, hold an image of them as you would like it to be; kind, cooperative, compassionate.  If you find someone who is undependable, hold them as dependable, if you see someone as closed and aloof, unapproachable, hold instead an image of someone who is open, approachable.  In this effort we are not trying to change another.  We are changing ourselves to reflect what we wish to see.  This is modeling, not leading.  It is inviting and inclusive, not closed and judgmental.  Will it work? Yes.  It can and does work.  The opposite certainly works so why would this not work? Let’s try it and see.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

Rev. Eileen is an ordained Unity minister currently serving at Unity of Livonia in Livonia, Michigan.

A Miracle A Day, Day 94

MIRROR.CC.26473288921_86c1832d80_mMIRRORS provide us with the opportunity to see ourselves as others see us.  That first moment when humankind caught a glimpse of self in a still pond must have been an amazing experience.  There would have been an instant of recognition of the self being much like the others in the clan, yet somehow different and distinct.  MIRRORS that reflect our physical appearance give us that opportunity today; a glimpse of the self as a similar, yet unique member of the human experience. Metaphorical MIRRORS provided by other people in our lives reflect characteristics we may not have noticed or owned about ourselves. These are MIRRORS that help us grow and evolve in self-awareness. But there is yet another type of MIRROR that reflects much more than our physical being.  There is an inner MIRROR that gives us a view of who we are beyond our physical appearance.  Because it is within however, does not make it small.  Instead, this is a MIRROR without limit.  It might be called a “cosmic” MIRROR, one which reflects the image and likeness of God in us.  This MIRROR sees through the physical being and beyond the perceived limitations and cultural baggage we might carry.  This MIRROR allows us to see ourselves as a member of an infinite, ever-expanding clan of consciousness, yet a unique and individualized expression in it.  This is a reflection that lifts us into seeing and being all that we are meant to be.  MIRRORS are miraculous and they are all around us and deep within us.  

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

Rev. Eileen is an ordained Unity minister currently serving at Unity of Livonia in Livonia, Michigan.  To view the entire Miracle A Day series, visit her Facebook page

A Miracle A Day, Day 80

wall.kissing gate.cc.9623112647_8183755ba9_qWALLS.  WALLS are a miracle?  Yes, WALLS can be a miracle.  They can be a fortress of solitude, a fortress of peace.  But of course they can be a barrier as well.  WALLS are a miracle when we build them with the gates of love, kindness and openness.  The WALL of Jericho was dismantled by Israel because it was a barrier to their triumph in the Promised Land.  The Promised Land is not a place.  It is a state of being.  And the WALL that must be dismantled is the one that creates separation and judgement and otherness.  A WALL that does this protects against nothing and creates a barrier to the only thing that can provide the promise we all seek.  The WALL that provides what we truly seek is one that blocks only distractions and a race consciousness that bombards us with evidence of separation, limitation and lack.  But this WALL is permeable.  It is dotted with gates and windows. This WALL allows the free-flow of Love and Kindness and connection.  This WALL is translucent and breathing.  This WALL supports a firmament of faith and oneness.  This WALL is built with mirrors in which we begin to see ourselves in one another and the luminous quality of the mirrors begins to reflect the Light of God in every soul.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

A Miracle A Day, Day 62


GLITTER, that sparkly collection of shiny confetti that brings laughter and squeals from children of all ages is a miracle to behold.  As an adult, I know the drawbacks of glitter.  It’s hard to clean off tables and floors.  It does a number on vacuums and tries the patience of teachers and classroom volunteers.  I know the reasons why we limit its use and I cannot help but agree. But what a wonder to behold when the conditions are right.  It is a glorious substance whether glued to a hand-made greeting card, stuffed as a surprise in an envelope, sprinkled in the hair of a beautiful teen or floating through the air like shining particles of Light and wonder.  The tiniest of mirrors and radiant prismatic colors dance through the air reflecting and refracting all that is there.  Perhaps the joy that is brought forth from this dance is not in the plastic or metal that scatters about.  Perhaps the brightness they bring is the reflection they see.  So small and so tiny perhaps what they see is the tiniest of particles and waves of pure Light that vibrate so fast they can’t be seen by our eyes.  Perhaps they are openings to the space in between.  GLITTER is magic and a miracle to see.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra