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A Council of Nine

I heard these words this morning as sat in prayer for our planet: A Council of Nine. The words coincided with this question: What if we stopped fighting globalization and embraced it? What if we stopped trying to make one country or another great and made our planet great? Becoming one global community is the natural progression of an evolving species able to recognize their common ground. The constant battle for who is right and who is the mightiest must give way to a recognition of our common source, common needs, and common desires.

What if we stopped? Right now? What if we stopped this insane cycle of victim and victor consciousness and stepped into an elevated awareness? The goals, the desires, the deep needs of our hearts can never be met while this cycle continues. It is only in letting go of those childish ways that we mature as spiritual beings. As human beings, for that matter.

It is time to embrace one another. To honor one another’s history, to respect one another’s spiritual beliefs – or lack of them – and recognize we are one people. living on one planet, amid infinite universes. Together, we are strong, alive, and living our purpose. Divided, we step out of the rhythm and harmony of life, and we fall.

What is the Council of Nine? I’m still allowing those words to meander through my mind. Does it represent the seven chakras with an additional one for the earth and one for the sky? Perhaps. Do they represent nine aspects of human consciousness common to all sentient beings? Possibly. Does it represent nine highly evolved human beings, each representing a group of people here on earth – seven continents, one ocean, and one connecting the earth to the universe? A concept to ponder to be sure.

For today, I sit in an awareness that I am a spiritual being having a minimum of seven spiritual centers actively moving throughout my physical and energetic bodies, each connecting me through the ethers to all other beings. I focus too on the energy center below and the energy center above connecting me to earth and sky. I affirm my oneness with all that is and seek to find the subtly expanding light of individuals awakening everywhere. The threads of light connecting us create a great web of life, love, and universal harmony. This is the greatness upon which we must turn our attention. We are one, though some may not know it yet. We are one, and all is evolving and unfolding in perfect divine order.

© 2019. Eileen Patra.

Eileen Patra is an ordained Unity minister and the author of The Mystical Ark: A Vessel of Blessings available at www.themysticalark.com and other fine retailers.

MOVEMENT: A Miraculous Activity

dominoes-ccc-21496317363_a2a99d7fcf_mMOVEMENT is the activity of continuous motion, miraculously at work at all times.  Nothing is ever not moving. Nothing is ever truly static.  Though it may seem at times that nothing is happening, we are breathing, the planet we stand upon is moving, the universe is continuously expanding, everything in fact is moving all of the time.  That this occurs is more fact than miracle but the awareness of MOVEMENT in what seems to be static is miraculous indeed.  When it seems that nothing will change, that the things of the world are too big, too cumbersome, outside of our control; we would do well to tune into this activity, for it is Spirit that continuously moves through us.  Stepping into an awareness of the movement of Spirit within us reminds us that there is no “thing” more powerful than the power of God within us.  Remembering that everything is always in motion reminds us that change, evolution and transcendence are always at hand.  It reminds us that all things of matter are transient, impermanent. What is permanent and unchanging is God and our awareness of our oneness in the Source of all that lives, moves and has being. That is powerful and miraculous indeed.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

The Divine Hologram

hologram-cc-1569468739_b7ca26acca_qHOLOGRAMS allow us to see an image captured on a 2-dimensional surface with a 3-dimensional perception.  HOLOGRAMS miraculously display what is 2-dimensional as a 3-dimensional image.  A HOLOGRAM torn in two will reveal the exact same complete image on both pieces.  In fact, the HOLOGRAM divided into a million pieces would still reveal the complete image on every piece.  Like a HOLOGRAM, each of us contain the entire image of God.  As spiritual beings, continually evolving, we expand and multiply into billions of expressions of the Divine.  Yet we are one continuous, complete image of the Divine ever-longing to return to the state of wholeness from which we have burst forth.  What is truly miraculous is that even in the state of what appears to be separation, expansion that draws us apart, we are still one, whole and complete. When gazing upon one another from a God’s eye view, even the space between is miraculously imbued with the image of the Divine.  The appearance of empty space is an illusion as there can be no space where God is not.  A HOLOGRAM is a miraculous manifestation of the nature of humankind as one with the image and likeness of the Divine.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

Rev. Eileen is an ordained Unity minister currently serving at Unity of Livonia in Livonia, Michigan. 


cc-evolutionSome would say that EVOLUTION is not a miracle; it’s just the nature of things.  Some might even be opposed to the concept of EVOLUTION as it challenges their religious beliefs. But in Truth, EVOLUTION is not only a miracle, EVOLUTION IS God.  God is the One Power, One Presence, One Activity of the universe.  God is Omnipotence, All-Power.  Without the Activity of EVOLUTION, life would be stagnant, unchanging, not alive. God is Life itself, infinitely moving, breathing, unfolding in and through all that we call creation.  EVOLUTION is the miracle of God continuously renewing Life.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

Rev. Eileen is an ordained Unity minister currently serving at Unity of Livonia in Livonia, Michigan.   

A Miracle A Day, Day 58

perspectivePERSPECTIVE, a technique employed by artists, miraculously gives dimension and space to a drawing on a flat surface. Math and geometry in the placement of lines, objects and shading bring a drawing to life giving the viewer a sense of distance and volume.  Beyond the canvas, PERSPECTIVE is the way in which individuals view something, influenced by their position, experiences, and a multitude of other factors.  What a miracle that all things can be viewed in a myriad of PERSPECTIVES.  Far from being the challenge we sometimes ascribe to PERSPECTIVES, a multitude of viewpoints adds dimension to a virtual kaleidoscope of Life.  Sharing and honoring differing PERSPECTIVES gives us an opportunity to know one another more deeply, to briefly view life through another’s eyes and ultimately expand our own PERSPECTIVE.  What dimension might be added to my life today by viewing something through another’s eyes?

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

I Love A Parade

paradeI Love a parade! From Memorial Day to Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day; and the Rose Bowl Parade they all have these three things in common; the sights, the sounds and the motion.

From frivolity, to politics, to honor, parades have a rich and colorful history dating back as far as Mesopotamian rulers who paraded their conquests as a show of power.  One rather famous parade of power is that of the Israelites around the city of Jericho causing the wall of the city to tumble down.  

The parade was led by seven priests, carrying seven trumpets, parading around the city for seven days, and then seven times on the seventh day. Seven indicates completion.  In the description of the Jericho parade, seven appears five times suggesting all levels of being and all senses aligned, marching together, in a harmonious movement, shouting words of power.

Imagine the sight of the Israelite priests in their priestly garb following a great golden ark like a float in a parade.  Imagine the movement of this assembly along a unified route around and around the city. Imagine the sound of the trumpets playing and the shouts of the people.  Imagine a vibration so profound that the walls of the city begin to vibrate and disintegrate.  That is a display of Power!

The battle of Jericho is an intriguing event in the history of the Israelites.  But the more interesting story is the one beyond the historical account.  The metaphysics of the story reveal a powerful tool for spiritual unfoldment.

The priests are Levites, the tribe that does not own land, that which is not attached to matter.  The repetition of the number seven represents all levels of being and all physical senses working in unison.  The seven trumpets, blown on the seventh day represent the WORD, the vibration, an affirmation of all that is Spiritual and whole.   

Jericho was the first Israelite conquest following forty years in the wilderness escaping bondage in Egypt.  From bondage to victory, Israel continued conquering other lands, always preparing for the next battle.  Until Jesus, the one who was to save them, who turned out not to be a warrior. Jesus held a higher ideal than victory.  He demonstrated being a vessel of God with no sides, no judgment, no battle.  Out of this vessel consciousness awakens the CHRIST, fully at one with Spirit.

Today we stand at the edge of an awakening Christ consciousness, knowing that in Spirit there is no land to conquer, only harmony and wholeness to be revealed. Let the walls of resistance come tumbling down. Form a parade of Sights, Sounds and Movement at all levels of being.  See only floats of oneness.  March in alignment with Truth at all levels of being.   Sound the trumpets, affirming Truth in all that you speak.  Let the walls come tumbling down to reveal our oneness in the kingdom that has no ends, no walls, and no-thing to conquer.

© 2016.  Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

Rev. Eileen is an ordained Unity minister currently serving Unity of Livonia in Livonia, Michigan

A Miracle A Day, Day 41

wisdomWISDOM is the ability to hold more than one perspective, informing our decisions and choices from a deeper sense of knowingnesss.  A miracle of spiritual consciousness, WISDOM is a gift that connects the human mind with the Mind of God.  Divine WISDOM is more than intellect or common sense.  It is the knowingness of all things whispered to the mind through the “Still Small Voice.”  Accessing inner WISDOM we make choices that align with our highest good. King Solomon in the Hebrew Scriptures asks God for WISDOM over riches, honor and wealth for WISDOM aligns the heart and mind with Mind of God from which all true riches flow.

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra.

Rev. Eileen is an ordained Unity minister currently serving at Unity of Livonia in Livonia, Michigan.  To view the entire Miracle A Day series, visit her Facebook page.

A Miracle A Day, Day 34

understandingUNDERSTANDING is one of the “Twelve Faculties of Man” defined by Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity.  UNDERSTANDING is the miracle that allows us to tune into an unexplored concept, to truly consider another’s perspective and to embrace or take on a greater awareness of something.  Ideas, information, new revelations unfold before us every day.  Teachers of all makes and kinds pass through our lives, each offering an opportunity to learn something new or acquire a deeper UNDERSTANDING of something already in the periphery of our awareness.  UNDERSTANDING is a spiritual power activated by our willingness to open our minds and hearts to the activity of God in every moment of every day.  Open and receptive we continue to awaken and expand this spiritual faculty and our UNDERSTANDING of who we are and what we are here to be also increases. UNDERSTANDING is a miracle that expands in us and through us every day in every way.

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra

Planting Me

plant.dreamstimefree_194667At times, Mother Nature seems to play tricks on us.  Just when we think its planting time she throws a fresh blanket of snow on the emerging crocuses and sends us running for our winter coats.  And such is life when we find ourselves ready to plant a new habit, or newfound spiritual idea in our lives.  We’ve just attended the most amazing workshop or read an outstanding book, or visited with a great spiritual teacher.  We’ve kicked some old habit or limiting belief.  We greet each day with a newfound sense of balance and harmony and authenticity.  Then wham! A fresh blanket of snow falls.  Some unexpected circumstance has us seeking the old worn out coat, the old habit, the limiting belief, and we can barely believe the words being uttered from our mouths.

Despite the erratic climate, it’s time to think about planting; whether it’s crops, or flowers, or a more authentic version of ourselves.  ‘Planting Me,’ is showing up as the most authentic version of self; becoming embedded in that; and living, growing and thriving from that consciousness.  ‘Planting Me,’ is planting my highest self in the garden of consciousness.

The earliest spiritual writings utilize the metaphor of gardens, seeds and trees to illustrate the infinite, eternal nature of life and the role of humankind in it.  The Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) contribute to our yearning to explain the beginning of the finite world with the story of the Garden of Eden, filled with lush plant life and various trees.  Two of the trees are named; The Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The Tree of Life, God suggests, humankind should use for nourishment and sustenance.  It is the tree that represents life, wholeness and harmony.  The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil however, is the most well known in the Judeo-Christian culture, and the one that humankind chooses to taste.  It is the perception of Good and Evil that leads us out of the experience of wholeness to one of  judgment, division, separation and conflict.

As the story goes, the gates of Eden are then closed to humankind and guarded by angels.  However, if we see recognize angels as divine ideas or messengers of God, we find that the return to wholeness is just a divine thought away.  Like a seed that falls from a tree, we contain all of the characteristics of our Source.  To plant an authentic version of ourselves in the garden of consciousness is to return our thoughts to the image and likeness of God imprinted upon our very being, and to embed that in every thought, every word, and every action.

By turning our thoughts to the wholeness of God, our own minds and hearts are opened.  Eden, the Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil are within us.  The choice from which to eat or be nourished is ours in any given moment.

© 2016.  Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

Rev. Eileen is an ordained Unity Minister currently serving at Unity of Livonia, Livonia, MI

Living From An L-Evated Consciousness

Everyday objects viewed through a microscope reveal what could not be previously seen.  What seemed quite ordinary appears extraordinary.  Absorbed by the details however, we may miss the greater view.  A kernel of corn for instance resembles human blood cells under a microscope. It is an interesting image but the likeness of a kernel of corn is completely lost.  Looking at that same kernel from an expanded view we may see the corn stalk, the cornfield or even a crop circle.  From an aerial view the corn is no longer visible but we see an array of other details that surround it, houses, roads, trees, distant lakes.  From a space station view, even the roads and trees disappear and we see the earth in all its glory. The kernel of corn is still there. It is still an integral part of the whole. But there is so much more to see.

Seeing our lives and experiences as more than the minute details requires a shift in viewpoint. Like the microscope, telescope and space station cameras, we can adjust our view. We have the ability to see beyond the micro view and envision ourselves as an integral part of a much greater whole. Seeing our self, our experiences and our relationships with one another from a higher perspective requires moving to a higher frame of reference, perhaps an L-evated consciousness.  In an “L”evated consciousness we Look, Listen, Let Go, Learn and Love.

To see, one must LOOK. Looking within and without we see ourselves more clearly. Examining our inner state and our outer condition expands our view. LOOKing for a greater good reveals what might be invisible from the micro view.

To hear, one must LISTEN.  When we truly listen to others we gain perspective on their experience and their view of the world.  To listen and truly hear, we must stop talking.  We must quiet the inner chatter.  Remaining quiet we open access our intuitive nature and a deeper knowing is revealed.

To change our view, one must LET GO.  You cannot see the cornfield while still focused on the microscopic view of the kernel. Letting go of a limited or judgmental perspective expands the view and allows previously invisible possibilities to be revealed.

To make change permanent, one must LEARN. LEARNing requires practice.  Learning to adjust our view and responses takes time.  Like physical training, muscle is built up over time. As we practice listening, expanding and acting from a higher perspective we build new neural pathways that over time will become a new way of being.

To truly expand in consciousness, one must LOVE.  LOVE is the harmonizing and multiplying energy of the universe. LOVE looks for the common thread and weaves together a fabric of peace and harmony. LOVE is patient and kind, allowing time for true change to unfold. Love does not judge.

Open your eyes and see a higher vision. Listen to what Spirit is telling you.  Let go of the micro view and learn to respond from an expanded view. Live from an “L-evated” realm where love guides you in new and greater ways of being. Change your view and you change your self and you change the world.

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra

Rev. Eileen is the Senior Minister at Unity of Livonia in Livonia, Michigan