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A Miracle A Day, Day 82

idea.cc.7650740066_bb5e4ea62b_qIDEAS spark possibilities.  They are a miracle of the mind.  IDEAS, like dreams, access the power of imagination.  IDEAS are constantly connecting us to the divine and bringing the future into the present moment.  An IDEA is a thought that sparks a new way of being or a new way of doing something.  For an IDEA to take hold it is vital that the old way of doing, thinking or being is released.  Without that act of release, the IDEA has no room to peak through or take form. IDEAS are miracles continuously popping into our minds, inspiring us to create something greater than the current experience. God once had an IDEA.  It was an IDEA of a world in perfect balance, populated with spiritual beings that would have creative IDEAS themselves, IDEAS that would be fruitful and multiply.   Open the space for a new IDEA.  Honor the new IDEA of another.  Work together to try new IDEAS and begin to manifest an entirely new way of being.  Right now, this very moment, someone has a better IDEA of how the world can become a thriving, fruitful place that works for all.  Perhaps, we can join together and release the way things have always been to make room for the Divine IDEAS that will carry us to the next phase of spiritual evolution.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

A Miracle A Day, Day 60

Blue Sky Day

CLOUDS are a miraculous element of the wondrous ecosystem of planet Earth.  They hold moisture and return it to the planet nurturing plant life, refilling bodies of water and providing a welcome bit of shade when the sun is especially bright.  CLOUDS provide a vehicle for the imagination to stretch and expand. As a child a favorite summer pastime was to lay on a blanket and watch the clouds, picking out the forms of giraffes, ice cream cones and Mickey Mouse.  As they gently floated by, a metamorphous took place.  What started as an ice cream cone gently transformed into a helicopter.  Altered by the wind, the CLOUDS were an ever-changing source of beauty and delight.  I am grateful for these breathtaking images provided by this miracle of nature.  When I see dark clouds, I know they are preparing to feed and bathe the planet so I give thanks for those clouds too.  Like the experiences of life, clouds are ever-changing yet always full of something nourishing; beauty, delight or a much needed shower to cleanse, purify, and quench what thirsts and encourage growth.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

A Miracle A Day, Day 41

wisdomWISDOM is the ability to hold more than one perspective, informing our decisions and choices from a deeper sense of knowingnesss.  A miracle of spiritual consciousness, WISDOM is a gift that connects the human mind with the Mind of God.  Divine WISDOM is more than intellect or common sense.  It is the knowingness of all things whispered to the mind through the “Still Small Voice.”  Accessing inner WISDOM we make choices that align with our highest good. King Solomon in the Hebrew Scriptures asks God for WISDOM over riches, honor and wealth for WISDOM aligns the heart and mind with Mind of God from which all true riches flow.

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra.

Rev. Eileen is an ordained Unity minister currently serving at Unity of Livonia in Livonia, Michigan.  To view the entire Miracle A Day series, visit her Facebook page.

Living In Color: The Metaphysics of OZ, part 1

In preparation for ministry, Jesus told his disciples if they entered a house and were welcomed there to stay and bless that house. And, if they enMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAtered a house that did not welcome them, they should leave that place and shake the dust from their feet. This is practical advice. Who has not tried to influence the mindset of another who does not welcome your ideas? And how successful has that been? How much energy was expended?
          A house is more than a building in which we live. It is a mindset or consciousness. If we enter a mindset that is unwelcoming or discordant, we are advised to leave that place too. Leave that mindset. Leave that consciousness behind and shake off the cosmic dust. Yes. I said cosmic dust; the energy and thought patterns that cause our Light and energy to feel dull, clouded and heavy.
          In the film, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy shakes off the dust of the black and white house, and steps into a world of Living Color. This is a very different place. It’s not the dust bowl of  Kansas anymore. In the center of this strange new land lies a golden path, an expanding spiral that leads Dorothy on a journey of self discovery.
          When we are willing to let go of  black and white thinking; the idea  that something is either/or, right/wrong, better/worse, my way/the highway, we expand. We  create a space in mind for a new idea. In the midst of obstacles or the cyclones of life we may feel an urge to run away. But being willing to step into new ideas or greater thoughts we open ourselves to, infinite possibilities.
          Dorothy grows on her journey and discovers her own inner power. Each of us have a Dorothy within us. We have a desire to grow and expand, to reach beyond limitation and feelings of  powerlessness. We have a desire to find our true home, a place in consciousness where trouble melts like lemon drops. We can learn from Dorothy’s adventures and the steps she takes along the yellow brick road.
          When Dorothy races the cyclone back to the farm, she finds the cellar door locked. Seeking shelter she goes  to her room where she sees her challenges and attachments passing by  through the window.  She  sees them from a new perspective. They are a bit smaller in the window.  We open a window in our minds when we go to our room to pray. When we go to our inner sanctuary to pray we reconnect with the Power of God  within us which is greater than the obstacles before us.
          When Dorothy opens the door to a strange new land she leaves behind the dust and enters a  new and colorful land of possibility. We enter a place of infinite possibility when we release what is not in harmony with our true selves. We step into a path of expanding consciousness when we say yes to new ideas and spiritual stirrings. We expand when we let go of what we’ve always done, thought, and said to embrace a new way of being. We expand when we shake off the dust of judgment, shame and  blame. We expand when we release the belief we are powerless and step into authentic power.
          In this house we are welcome and empowered. In this consciousness there is peace and harmony. Here we discover that troubles melt like  lemon drops. Clouds dissolve revealing the Light of God shining through us  and whatever we dare to dream we have the power to make come true.
© 2015 Eileen Patra

Tiptoeing Through The Changes

I couldn’t help but think of Tiny Tim strumming his ukulele and crooning out Tiptoe Through The Tulips as I watched my cat “Shadow” tip toeing across our new rug. After 30 years we replaced our worn and outdated oriental rug with a new plush, modern rug. It is delicious to walk on and has given us reason to remove our shoes at the door again.

But watching the cat was really a stitch. Never light on his feet, our sixteen pound cat delicately tiptoed across the rug taking each step with curious care as if he were walking on clouds and might fall through into some unseen abyss. It really was quite hilarious.

As I began preparations for this week’s Wednesday Service, Embracing Change it occurred to me that we often tiptoe much like shadow did around major changes in our lives. There’s no getting around it. Change scares the willies out of most of us and makes us feel like we might fall crashing through the clouds into a terrifying void. But what if its just a new rug?

Perhaps change, like our new rug is just an update to a worn out way of being. Perhaps change is indicative of an inner evolution, a catalyst for spiritual growth. Perhaps a new surface to walk upon is exactly what we need to lift our energy into a higher state of consciousness and a greater experience.

In a constantly evolving universe, change is inevitable. In a constantly evolving spiritual being change is certain. There is no void in which to fall through. There is only the evolving soul reaching beyond boundaries to an unlimited place of being.