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Beyond The Tomb

The angels in Jesus’ tomb asked Mary Magdalene, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?” Why indeed do we seek new life, a new way of being, while continuing to do what we have always done?  Why do we seek freedom among the thoughts, words and actions that have held us captive?

To live beyond what might seem like a tomb, we must be willing to bless what has passed and then look beyond it.  A tomb experience in life can be anything that draws us apart for a while and provides an opportunity for growth and realignment with Spirit.  A process of deep and lasting change is revealed when we explore four stages of transformation that take place in the tomb; renunciation, retreat, resurrection and realization. 

On the cross, Jesus renounced the world as his source and commended his Spirit to God.  He took the final step toward overcoming the greatest block to transformation; the belief that life is created and sustained by the world.  What is demonstrated for us through the crucifixion and resurrection is that   Life is independent of the world.  Life, the flow of Spirit within us, creates the world according to our ability and willingness to allow Truth to be expressed through us.

Jesus was laid in a tomb, retreating from the world for three days. Three is symbolic of completion in Spirit, soul and body.  Resurrection is instant, simultaneous in Spirit, but soul and body require a time of unfolding. When we pray, our prayers are answered the instant we release them to Spirit.  Yet, most often, a time of quiet reflection and letting go is required for our prayers to fully manifest in our minds, hearts and body.

Mary returns to the tomb with the intention of blessing what she believes is lost.  The willingness to bless what has passed away rolls away the stone and opens the way for divine inspiration. When we bless what has passed for the opportunities of growth and realignment provided, blockages are removed and our way is made clear.

Mary did not realize that the gardener was Jesus until he spoke to her.  When he did, she ran to inform the others.  When we realize something we incorporate the new information at all levels of being. Only then is deep and lasting change made possible.  The risen Christ sent his followers to convert the nations.  To convert is to change. To convert the nations is to change everything.  Realization happens in us when we recognize the Christ as the Life within each of us and then inform every level of our being to live this Truth.  When we live this Truth everything is made new and we live beyond the tomb.  

© 2016.  Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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The Telephone: Miracle or Vessel?

Behold the Plain Old Telephone

TELEPHONES, so much a part of our everyday lives. we may forget what a miracle they have provided in our culture.  The wired phone of the past was a magical discovery.  Vibrations from the human voice transmitted over great distances through a massive network of wires connected people in way that was previously thought impossible.  Today our phones are wireless.  They carry more information in their tiny sim cards than the computers aboard the Apollo spacecrafts.  They connect us, perhaps at times more than we would like.  The marvel of telecommunication remains not a mystery, but a manifestation of the human capacity for expanded thinking.  TELEPHONES indeed provide a channel for communication across great distances.  But in all their forms, TELEPHONES are simply the objects that we designate as vessels for our power to connect and receive messages.   Messages may be received through dreams, intuition, or even an audible voice from somewhere deep within.  One who has mastered clairaudience may receive messages from sources in seemingly faraway places much like the use of a telephone. Some messages may even appear in a dream as a ringing telephone with a familiar voice on the other end.  TELEPHONES are the miraculous manifestation of the human capacity to reach beyond the appearances of limitation and connect across seemingly great distances.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

A Miracle A Day, Day 74

feathersFEATHERS, the delicate yet incredibly stable structures lifting our feathered friends into the sky are a miracle of spiritual ingenuity or nature.  A vast variety of colors, textures, sizes and shapes of FEATHERS are found on an incalculable array of birds.  Who can forget the mystical dance of the floating white FEATHER in the opening and closing scenes of “Forest Gump.”  Feathers fascinate us.  They are considered sacred in a number of spiritual traditions, symbolizing freedom, power, angelic realms, bravery, good luck and a variety of other beliefs. Perhaps our fascination with this aviary miracle is the gift of flight and our great desire to expand beyond our physical boundaries.  And herein lies the mystery and the miracle.  We too can transcend the physical world through the power of our Minds which are free to fly, to roam, to expand and to become still and centered in the peaceful, gently floating presence of Spirit.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

A Miracle A Day, Day 31

auroraTHE NORTHERN LIGHTS are God’s miraculous Light Show.  A virtual dance of light and color, they are a fascinating experience.  I once saw them while camping on Lake Huron and the entire lake shore was filled with these ethereal bursts of color and light.  It was a mystical experience that overwhelmed me with awe as my physical being seemed to become one with the colorful array of moving lights.  No scientific explanation of this phenomenon can diminish the feeling of divinity made palpable by their presence.  With some connection to the activity of sun spots, they awaken a sense of interconnection with the vastness of the universe. 

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra

A Miracle A Day, Day 30

angel.cropped.dreamstimefree_208817ANGELS in the bible are messengers bringing glad tidings, warnings, or inspirational messages from God.  ANGELS in our everyday lives also bring us messages from God, appearing in a variety of forms.  We may see or feel ANGELS as ethereal, spiritual beings offering assistance in our human experience.  We may experience ANGELS as a divine idea, a sudden inspiration or even a voice that guides us in a new or better direction.  We may also experience ANGELS as physical beings who show up in extraordinary ways at right and perfect moments to answer a prayer, offer assistance, guide an important decision or simply reassure us that God is always there.  ANGELS transcend the ordinary and lift us to a higher consciousness. In this way, they are a miracle. Watch for ANGELS today.  They are everywhere, supporting you in miraculous ways.

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra