The Hatchling

the hatchlingWait! What’s that? That little speck of color. It looks as if I can see through it. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Let me stretch a little bit, reach a little higher. Maybe I can see more.

Oh my! There is more. But everything around me, my home, my place of being is breaking apart. Where is it all going? What’s happening to me? Am I dying? Or, could it be? Could I be getting ready to fly?

Imagine the inner dialogue of the tiny hatchling as its world, the egg, begins to fall away. She has been uncomfortable for some time now. It has seemed as if her walls were squeezing the life out of her. In a sense, they have, for they are pressing the life energy within her to a point where she is forced to move, to move beyond the confines of her walls. Her movements, her struggles, her pushing out creates a crack, a lesion of sorts in the place that has been her home since she first became aware that she existed. She feels discomfort, fear, maybe even terror. Now, she sees there is something beyond everything she has known to be true.

Soon, all that the baby bird has known will fall entirely away. Her fear will gradually shift to anticipation, hunger, satisfaction, curiosity, and joy beyond her wildest dreams. She will fly.

Could it be that the events that blast their way into our awareness on a daily basis are a bit like the hatchling experience? Could it that the whole of humanity is pecking its way through everything it has known to something beyond our wildest dreams?

Growth creates discomfort. Pain is often a symptom of an opportunity to expand and to allow the falling away of something old. The toddler who walks leaves behind the baby who was dependent on others to get from here to there. The teenager who has thrived in his family environment experiences emotional turmoil as he spreads his wings into the larger social community. Change, even good change can often spur intense emotions of fear and anxiety – perhaps even anger, and most assuredly judgment. 

Evolution demands that something fall away. As we watch the falling away of the world we have grown accustomed to it is natural that we experience fear and anxiety. It is inevitable that elements of our culture that no longer fit an evolving spiritual consciousness are rising up and falling away. It is the way of evolution.

Humankind has undergone thousands of years of physical and social evolution. Today, we are experiencing a whole new kind of evolution – spiritual evolution. We may be uncomfortable. We may see cracks in social structures that frighten us. If we allow fear, anger, and judgment to fall away as we stretch into a higher version of ourselves, we will discover that the sky is not falling but rather, opening up so that we might begin to fly.

© 2018. Eileen DeRosia Patra.


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