A Higher Tower In You


TOWERS, miraculous structures ascending high above the earth, are a manifestation of our capacity to grasp what is higher.  Radio TOWERS soar into the sky receiving and broadcasting invisible waves and vibrations disseminating massive amounts of information across great distances.  Yes, TOWERS are miraculous, but more miraculous is the TOWER that exists within our very being.  It is a system of energy centers and spiritual faculties designed to access, broadcast and manifest a steady stream of higher thoughts and ideas.  Tuning into this higher realm requires only a tuning out of what is not whole, what is not the Truth, what is not real in Spirit.  Where attention goes, energy flows.  Where energy flows, manifestation occurs.  To manifest a higher experience one must go higher in consciousness.  The TOWER to this high place is already in place.  To climb it, one must simply close the physical eyes, quiet the mind and tune in to the vibration that transcends human language, which continuously broadcasts a live stream of harmony throughout the whole being in spirit, soul and body.   

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

Rev. Eileen is an ordained Unity minister currently serving at Unity of Livonia in Livonia, Michigan. This post is an excerpt from Sunday’s Spiritual Message, “Zest for Life,”  which can be viewed now on YouTube.   

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