A Miracle A Day, Day 88

laugh.cc.413214110_a11ac7dfbd_zLAUGHTER is a gift from God.  It is the sound of pure joy emanating through us from the very heart of Spirit. LAUGHTER is a healing miracle, especially when we can let it flow in the midst of challenges.  Just as a good cry cleanses our hearts, LAUGHTER quickly follows healing, renewing and shaking loose any remnants of stuck energy requiring release. LAUGHTER knows no race, no creed, no age.  It is a sound vibration that connects us on the deepest of levels.  Perhaps, today, whatever is going on in our lives or in the world, we can find something to LAUGH about.  As LAUGHTER heals the heart, it also energizes and revitalizes.  It awakens the indwelling powers of strength and wisdom that we might step into what is ours to do and be in a world that aches for transformation.  LAUGH. LAUGH out loud.  Let it be the sound of joy and Divine Love expressing, healing, and revitalizing us as we step forward in our ongoing endeavors to create a world that works for all.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

Rev. Eileen is an ordained Unity minister currently serving at Unity of Livonia in Livonia, Michigan.  To view the entire Miracle A Day series, visit her Facebook page

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