A Miracle A Day, Day 77

sound.cc.8327996804_3b6c5b9014_qSOUND, the result of vibrations against the delicate mechanics of the human ear is a miracle that precedes the ability to hear.  SOUND is the first activity of the Universe.  Before there was Light, there was the vibration that we attribute to the voice of God, “Let There Be…”  SOUND is a vibration that can carry with it melody, energy, creativity, and healing.  Tuning into the SOUNDS of silence deep within my soul I can hear the SOUND of my soul calling me higher.  I can hear the SOUND of Spirit guiding, enfolding, and reassuring me.  These are SOUNDS that need no ear.  These are SOUNDS that vibrate on the eardrum of the Mind and Heart and Soul.  SOUND, in its purest form is the Voice of God in expression. Make a joyful SOUND and express the Joy of God in the world today.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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