A Miracle A Day, Day 76

ORDER, a spiritual faculty, is a miracle that is evidenced in all aspects of the physical realm.  Through ORDER, apple trees bring forth apples.  Orange trees bring forth Oranges and seeds of every kind bring forth the fruit of their type.  Through the power of ORDER, all things occur in right and perfect timing, despite our human perception of them.  Who has not experienced a long delay in the arrival of some anticipated event or object only to find a miracle embedded in the delay?  Surrendering to the spiritual power of ORDER, we acknowledge that all things unfold in the right and perfect way.  We let go of the need to control outcomes.  We let go of the need to rush or push or manipulate.  We begin to recognize that even the trials of our lives have a role in the unfolding of our greater good.  Surrendering to the absolute good of Divine ORDER yet moving forward with a steadfast faith, we walk in peace, harmony and grateful anticipation of our constantly unfolding good.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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