A Miracle A Day, Day 74

feathersFEATHERS, the delicate yet incredibly stable structures lifting our feathered friends into the sky are a miracle of spiritual ingenuity or nature.  A vast variety of colors, textures, sizes and shapes of FEATHERS are found on an incalculable array of birds.  Who can forget the mystical dance of the floating white FEATHER in the opening and closing scenes of “Forest Gump.”  Feathers fascinate us.  They are considered sacred in a number of spiritual traditions, symbolizing freedom, power, angelic realms, bravery, good luck and a variety of other beliefs. Perhaps our fascination with this aviary miracle is the gift of flight and our great desire to expand beyond our physical boundaries.  And herein lies the mystery and the miracle.  We too can transcend the physical world through the power of our Minds which are free to fly, to roam, to expand and to become still and centered in the peaceful, gently floating presence of Spirit.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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