A Miracle A Day, Day 73

gravity-ccGRAVITY is a wondrous law of physics that miraculously holds us to an orb spinning through space at a relative speed of 516 miles per second. And this very momentum that seems like it should send us flying through space ourselves is what holds us to the planet.  Physics aside, what a miracle it is that we have been gifted with this life-sustaining planet and the ability to cling to it.  We don’t fall off the planet, yet we are free to move about it.  Through human ingenuity we even find ways to transcend the law of GRAVITY and fly through the skies to arrive at our destinations more quickly.  We break through the law of GRAVITY and explore worlds far beyond our own.  Yet GRAVITY affords us the gift of being grounded to a common base making our oneness indisputable.  Here’s to the miracle of GRAVITY for reminding us that we are one people with one home to love, cherish and protect. 

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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