A Miracle A Day, Day 72

forgivenessFORGIVENESS is the miracle that frees the soul.  Anger and judgment create a density of energy that envelops the soul and clouds the mind.  It is the very thing that calls for FORGIVENESS that makes it a miracle as it calls us through the dense energy that encases us in a feeling of powerlessness.   FORGIVENESS is a continuous process of releasing the grip that anger and judgment hold us in.  When we FORGIVE, we release ourselves from the tomb of powerlessness.  What had angered us or caused us to feel pain no longer has power over us.  We recognize that the pain we feel is something within our own minds and we let it go.  What rushes in is the infinite love of Spirit that heals all wounds and empowers all Life.  FORGIVENESS is a miracle that reunites us with the divinity implanted in the center of our being.  FORGIVE someone today and be set free.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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