A Miracle A Day, Day 70

TRUST.edpTRUST is a miraculous and remarkable attribute of the human mind given the multitude of experiences that challenge it.  TRUST is the belief that something or someone is reliable and can be counted on.  Placing TRUST in another is believing in a common good that both are willing to manifest.  Through TRUST we build bridges and connections and we affirm the underlying intention of good in our fellow beings.  TRUSTing someone who has broken a TRUST, is evidence of the process of forgiveness and faith in their spiritual nature.  TRUST instills confidence in our own hearts and in the unfolding good of those whom we TRUST.  When we TRUST someone, we are giving both of us an opportunity to be a part of a greater experience of oneness and a cohesive state of being. TRUSTING God goes further, bringing us into a cohesive relationship with the Source of being.  TRUSTing in an invisible Power greater than ourselves, lifts us into a higher consciousness and opens the doors of our minds and hearts to a deeply harmonious state of being.  

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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