A Miracle A Day, Day 68

PLANT.dreamstimefree_73986-croppedPLANTS are a miracle providing food for humans, animals and even the ground itself as some states of growth draw from the earth and others give back.  Undisturbed, PLANTS live in a state of balance, growing, maturing, giving freely of their fruits and flowers, seeding the earth, resting into a state of hibernation or dormancy and then the springing forth once again with new life when the conditions and season are just right.  In all of our exploration of space, we have yet to find a planet with vegetation, rich in nutrients and able to sustain life forms as we know them.  PLANTS are a miraculous element of the ecosystem that we are fed by and sustained by.  A miracle is praiseworthy. A miracle is something to be grateful for, to give reverence toward.  The PLANTS and vegetation of our earth are worthy of our praise and thanksgiving.  They are worthy of our protection and attention.  Just as we are one with God, we are also one with all that is.  We are one with the earth and all its life-sustaining PLANTS.  Loving our planet and its rich PLANT life is loving ourselves.  It is recognizing the inherent harmony and sacredness of all life. Perhaps protecting the nature of PLANT life, the integrity of what grows in accordance to its own divine pattern, free of genetic alteration, free of human and chemical intervention, would be an act of love that would enrich our PLANT life and our own lives as well.  Stop for a moment today to give thanks and send loving nurturing thoughts to the vast PLANT life of planet earth.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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