A Miracle A Day, Day 67

OnenessONENESS is the miracle that underlies all of Life.  A miracle is defined as something unexpected that transcends physical law.  Certainly, in a world where we are continually bombarded with evidence of our differences, the notion that we are all ONE is an astonishing idea.  And yet, it is true.  Although we inhabit separate bodies that are infinitely unique, we each spring forth from the same Source of Life.  We are first, spiritual beings and second, physical beings.  In Spirit, we are ONE.  Awareness of ONENESS in the midst of diversity is the key to transcending the experience of conflict.  If ONENESS is true, conflict with another is conflict with ourselves.  If peace and harmony are our deepest desire, then peace and harmony with ourselves can bring peace and harmony to the whole.  To live in an awareness of ONENESS is to recognize that all we project on another we project on ourselves.  When Jesus spoke about loving our neighbor as ourselves he was acknowledging the miraculous truth of ONENESS, for to love another IS loving ourselves, and this is the key to living from Heaven consciousness. 

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