A Miracle A Day, Day 66

FEET.dreamstimefree_89710FEET are the miraculous extremity upon which we stand and walk.  An ingenious collection of bones, muscles and tendons, our FEET support our bodies and carry us from one place to another.  Our FEET connect us to the ground, physically and energetically.  In the book of Exodus, God tells Moses to remove the sandals from his FEET, for the ground where is stands is holy ground.  As our understanding of God expands, we recognize God as omnipresent and discover that all ground is holy ground.  What keeps us from experiencing the place where we stand as holy, is anything we place between us and what is sacred and whole.  If we are to leave a place of bondage and limitation, we must remove the sandals from our FEET. To remove the energetic sandals, would be to remove anything that separates us from an awareness of oneness with God and the sacredness of life.  Our FEET are designed to stand and to walk fearlessly in the assurance that wherever we go, wherever we walk, God is and all is well.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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