A Miracle A Day, Day 65

HAIR.CC.FLICKER.9419227780_a54578ce96_m.jpgHAIR in its many colors and textures is a richly unique and self-expressive physical characteristic.  HAIR is miraculous in its ability to protect us from harsh elements and it ability to interpret the environment and communicate a variety to signals to the brain.  It may stand on end when there is a potential for danger or send a ripple of wonder through us at an especially synchronous moment.  HAIR may send a tingling sensation through the entire body when particularly moving words, thoughts or experiences connect us with an awareness of something greater than ourselves.  HAIR is an extension of both the physical and the energetic body.  Metaphysically, HAIR symbolizes our thoughts and the energy patterns we exude. Even those with no hair on their heads emanate strands of thought energy. In Luke 12:7 Jesus says, “But even the hairs of your head are all counted. Do not be afraid …” If we consider HAIR as thoughts, we might find the statement unsettling, as if each thought was predestined by an esoteric God.  However, when we consider God as indwelling and everywhere present, we discover the divine nature within that precedes all thought, all experience, all that we have come to believe about ourselves.  This is a Self that knows our joy. This is a Self that know our pain.  And this is a Self that knew us before we were born, before there was anything but the perfect pattern of wholeness at the very root of being.  Perhaps HAIR is simply the physical manifestation of our reaching out from the very root of our being and perhaps this root is a Self that would be worth getting to know.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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