A Miracle A Day, Day 58

perspectivePERSPECTIVE, a technique employed by artists, miraculously gives dimension and space to a drawing on a flat surface. Math and geometry in the placement of lines, objects and shading bring a drawing to life giving the viewer a sense of distance and volume.  Beyond the canvas, PERSPECTIVE is the way in which individuals view something, influenced by their position, experiences, and a multitude of other factors.  What a miracle that all things can be viewed in a myriad of PERSPECTIVES.  Far from being the challenge we sometimes ascribe to PERSPECTIVES, a multitude of viewpoints adds dimension to a virtual kaleidoscope of Life.  Sharing and honoring differing PERSPECTIVES gives us an opportunity to know one another more deeply, to briefly view life through another’s eyes and ultimately expand our own PERSPECTIVE.  What dimension might be added to my life today by viewing something through another’s eyes?

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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