A Miracle A Day, Day 56

fire.dreamstimefree_272482FIRE, the miracle of combustion that fuels heat to keep us warm in inclement weather has long been held as magical and mystical by humankind.  I recall the movie “Quest for FIRE,” in which the role of Fire Keeper was revered by prehistoric tribes.  FIRE was vital to their survival and not easily produced if the flame went out.  The miracle of FIRE continues to be vital to our wellbeing, but it is so more than a chemical process producing heat and light. FIRE is given a mystical role in the story of Moses as he stands before the burning bush which is not consumed.  FIRE is associated with Spirit when Jesus predicts a baptism of FIRE imbued by the Holy Spirit.  Metaphysically we use FIRE to describe an inner desire, a deep inner urging of the soul to express the talents, gifts and qualities written upon the heart.  This is a FIRE that is not consumed but burns within saying “remove the sandals from your feet, for the ground upon which you stand is holy.”   Everywhere we stand is holy ground when remove the attachments of the personal will and allow the FIRE of Spirit, that which is Holy and Divine in us, to be expressed.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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