A Miracle A Day, Day 55

bee.dreamstimefree_97143HONEY BEES, once prolific become more scarce each day.  These miraculous little creatures perform a mighty work of service, providing honey for all sorts of purposes, spreading pollen from plant to plant in an endless buzz of activity and delivering wax used for candles, artwork and countless other human endeavors.   Imagine how vital these creatures were to early civilization. Without caring for them there would have been no candlelight by which to read and sew and converse after sunset.  Without them vast amounts of food sources would have become extinct.  They are just as vital to us today.  They ask little in return; simply some safe and sacred grounds for their nests. Don’t confuse these cooperative little friends with more aggressive species who strike for no reason.  They are a precious gift, seemingly unaware of the treasures they provide to humankind.  They give their gift by simply by BEEing themselves. Perhaps we too provide gifts to those around us by BEing our own unique individualized expression of God.  Be your True self. Share your gifts.  They are more vital to the world than you may know.  Give thanks for the miracle of the HONEY BEE, a sacred partner in the delicate balance of earthly life.  Save a HONEY BEE today. Plant a flower.  Support a local BEE Keeping Club. Save a miracle today. 

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra

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