A Miracle A Day, Day 54

dreamstime_xs_60080953 (cropped)DISCERNMENT, the ability to hold two or more perspectives and choose from an inner knowing of the highest good, is the miracle of Divine Wisdom flowing through.  When faced with challenging choices, we can focus our attention on the challenge or we can take some quiet time to connect with a greater Power within us.  Releasing images of outcomes formed by fear, we can focus our attention on a higher good.  We can use our past experiences, filter them with Love, Wisdom and an expanded understanding of our oneness in Spirit to make healthy and centered choices.  Balance scales are a widely used icon for judgment and rightly so.  It is from a balanced consciousness, with all spiritual faculties awakened and working together that we most fully utilize our power to Discern.

© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra  

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