A Miracle A DAy, Day 37

Blue Sky Day

SKY, the blue dome which covers the earth of my perception is a miracle that takes form in my mind.  The SKY after all is not a dome at all.  Its domed shape is an illusion created by my finite view of what is infinite.  The brilliant blue of the SKY on a sunny day is a result of molecules scattering blue light from the sun. It gives us a sense of spatial balance and boundaries as it caps the earth we walk upon. And yet, in its ability to be a covering for our comfort and visual delight, it is a topless ceiling.  It is in fact the infinite ethers of space in which the planets and stars travel at unfathomable speeds. Like the SKY, there is a firmament in my mind that easily scatters the blue Light that represents Faith. The firmament in my mind an unbound boundary that allows me to be me, and at once, be one with the cosmic Christ. The SKY is a miracle within and without that I ponder with fascination and joy.

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra

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