A Miracle A Day, Day 36

color pencils.dreamstimefree_218525ART; visual, musical, written and performing, all are a MIRACLE that allow one to express their innermost feelings, beliefs, ideals, pain, questions, wonderings, hopes and dreams in a way that lets others in.  Through the many forms of ART, we create openings to one another’s soul.  We catch a glimpse of the Divine through another’s eyes.  When we can see through another’s eyes, we reinforce the invisible network that is our connectedness in the whole of consciousness.  We are all artists, creating the masterpiece of our lives through our thoughts, our beliefs and our actions.  The palette we paint from is infinite in possibility and potential.  It is the wholeness of God allowing us to choose what we will express in each moment. Will we choose one color or frequency of light over another? Or will we combine a selection of colors, an array of harmonious thoughts and energies that lift us and others to a higher expression of the whole?  ART is a glorious and miraculous means of sharing the innermost Truth of beingness.  What will you paint next?

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra

Rev. Eileen is an Ordained Unity Minister currently serving Unity of Livonia in Livonia, MI.  To view the entire “A Miracle A Day Series” please visit Rev. Eileen’s Facebook Page

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