A Miracle A Day, Day 33


GRASS is a miracle to behold, to touch and to walk upon.  Much of the planet earth is covered in varieties of this lush and prolific plant.  The shades of green work in harmony with the blue sky, the puffy white clouds and the yellow glow of sunlight.  Grass provides a soft carpet for the bare feet of children at play and a source of food for a variety of grazing animals.  I love the smell of fresh cut GRASS in the summer and the joy it brings to my heart when I see it miraculously appear beneath the melting snow each spring.  Miraculously, GRASS lies alive but dormant just below the surface of the earth in winter and springs forth in gentle beauty when the earth tilts toward the warmth of the sun.  I love to watch it gently blowing in the wind creating soft ripples of movement and then imagine being a tiny creature moving about between the blades as if traversing a great and wonderful green forest.  GRASS is a miracle to behold, to touch, to smell and to nourish.

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra

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