Miracle A Day, Day 32

children.croppedCHILDREN are a joyful miracle reminding us to play.  Their laughter and enthusiasm for life is sure to bring a smile to our faces and a warm glow to our hearts.  Filled with wonder, their minds and hearts are open and ready to receive.  CHILDREN are a miracle, but the greater miracle that occurs when we smile at their joyfulness is the stirring of the perfect Child of God still alive within us.  We may have forgotten that sense of wonder.  We may have buried that child with walls of protective energy and defensiveness.  We may have hidden that child beneath the opinions and judgments of others.  Conditioned beliefs may have built a barrier between the inner child and the person we present to the world.  But the smile of a baby, the look of wonder on the faces of toddlers, and the laughter and joy of CHILDREN, reminds us to open our own hearts and awaken the Child we were born to be.

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra

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