A Miracle A Day, Day 30

angel.cropped.dreamstimefree_208817ANGELS in the bible are messengers bringing glad tidings, warnings, or inspirational messages from God.  ANGELS in our everyday lives also bring us messages from God, appearing in a variety of forms.  We may see or feel ANGELS as ethereal, spiritual beings offering assistance in our human experience.  We may experience ANGELS as a divine idea, a sudden inspiration or even a voice that guides us in a new or better direction.  We may also experience ANGELS as physical beings who show up in extraordinary ways at right and perfect moments to answer a prayer, offer assistance, guide an important decision or simply reassure us that God is always there.  ANGELS transcend the ordinary and lift us to a higher consciousness. In this way, they are a miracle. Watch for ANGELS today.  They are everywhere, supporting you in miraculous ways.

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra

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