A Miracle A Day, Day 27

A stellar fingerprint

STARS, distant planets and suns that decorate the darkness of space have fascinated humankind from the beginning of time. Like tiny jewels they dance across the night sky, blinking, falling, shooting, and appearing to rotate around us as we all move together to an invisible beat. Seemingly small and delicate, they are in fact large; even enormous. Some are solid, some are not. They simultaneously cause us to feel small and insignificant, yet great and vital to the universal dance. And somewhere, far, far away, in a time light years from now, another being gazes at the night sky, fascinated with the blinking star that twinkles blue and green, wondering what life lies beyond its world. STARS are a miracle providing light, beauty and a gentle reminder of the vastness of life.

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra.

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