A Miracle A Day, Day 26

heart.dreamstimefree_63126LOVE, it is said “makes the world go ‘round.”  LOVE is the miracle of life in expression, harmonizing the divine feminine and divine masculine energies of the Universe.  LOVE is central to a variety of spiritual teachings and it is at the core of the teachings of Jesus. 

LOVE is the magical feeling that comes over us as we see a newborn infant, the smiling face of a young child, or the pure joy of two young people ‘In LOVE.’    According the Gospel of John, God is LOVE. God is continually expressed through the various ways that we experience LOVE; parental love, brotherly love, romantic love and the greatest of these, the ability to hold an energy of LOVE for all of humankind. 

LOVE, in the words of Charles Fillmore, “… is the great harmonizer of the universe.”  It is the key that unlocks the flow of God in our hearts and minds.  It is indeed the key to peace on earth.  It is the most powerful of all weapons, as directed toward an enemy, it awakens the presence of God in them and harmony is the inevitable result.  LOVE is a miracle. Perhaps it is THE miracle that makes the world go “whole.”

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra.

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