Living From An L-Evated Consciousness

Everyday objects viewed through a microscope reveal what could not be previously seen.  What seemed quite ordinary appears extraordinary.  Absorbed by the details however, we may miss the greater view.  A kernel of corn for instance resembles human blood cells under a microscope. It is an interesting image but the likeness of a kernel of corn is completely lost.  Looking at that same kernel from an expanded view we may see the corn stalk, the cornfield or even a crop circle.  From an aerial view the corn is no longer visible but we see an array of other details that surround it, houses, roads, trees, distant lakes.  From a space station view, even the roads and trees disappear and we see the earth in all its glory. The kernel of corn is still there. It is still an integral part of the whole. But there is so much more to see.

Seeing our lives and experiences as more than the minute details requires a shift in viewpoint. Like the microscope, telescope and space station cameras, we can adjust our view. We have the ability to see beyond the micro view and envision ourselves as an integral part of a much greater whole. Seeing our self, our experiences and our relationships with one another from a higher perspective requires moving to a higher frame of reference, perhaps an L-evated consciousness.  In an “L”evated consciousness we Look, Listen, Let Go, Learn and Love.

To see, one must LOOK. Looking within and without we see ourselves more clearly. Examining our inner state and our outer condition expands our view. LOOKing for a greater good reveals what might be invisible from the micro view.

To hear, one must LISTEN.  When we truly listen to others we gain perspective on their experience and their view of the world.  To listen and truly hear, we must stop talking.  We must quiet the inner chatter.  Remaining quiet we open access our intuitive nature and a deeper knowing is revealed.

To change our view, one must LET GO.  You cannot see the cornfield while still focused on the microscopic view of the kernel. Letting go of a limited or judgmental perspective expands the view and allows previously invisible possibilities to be revealed.

To make change permanent, one must LEARN. LEARNing requires practice.  Learning to adjust our view and responses takes time.  Like physical training, muscle is built up over time. As we practice listening, expanding and acting from a higher perspective we build new neural pathways that over time will become a new way of being.

To truly expand in consciousness, one must LOVE.  LOVE is the harmonizing and multiplying energy of the universe. LOVE looks for the common thread and weaves together a fabric of peace and harmony. LOVE is patient and kind, allowing time for true change to unfold. Love does not judge.

Open your eyes and see a higher vision. Listen to what Spirit is telling you.  Let go of the micro view and learn to respond from an expanded view. Live from an “L-evated” realm where love guides you in new and greater ways of being. Change your view and you change your self and you change the world.

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra

Rev. Eileen is the Senior Minister at Unity of Livonia in Livonia, Michigan

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