Fully Human, Fully Divine

There is a deep and burning desire within the heart of humankind that calls us toward the Divine. Jesus teaches us that the Divine, the Kingdom of Heaven, the immeasurable Source of all life whom He called Father, was within us. Jesus was both fully human and fully divine. Through his teachings we discover that we too are both fully human and fully divine.

In our search for this indwelling divinity, we spend a great deal of time and energy trying to be more spiritual; trying to attain or utilize the Power of God within us. As we focus our attention on attaining spiritual power we tend to affirm a false belief that it is outside of us, that to be more spiritual we must become less human. But perhaps, to be more Divine, we must first become more fully human. Becoming fully human is to reach our FULL human potential; it is to unfold to one’s Divine nature; to develop and integrate the innate spiritual Self into all aspects of being.

Cindy Wigglesworth, author of “SQ21: 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence” tells us that Spiritual Intelligence differs from Spirituality. Spirituality is inborn. It is the Divine Potential within each of us. Spiritual Intelligence however is developed over time just as we develop other human skills and areas of intelligence. Each of us are hardwired with the ability to develop Spiritual Intelligence just as we can develop other types of intelligences; such as mathematical, linguistic, musical and various others.

In her book, Cindy identifies four key intelligences as essential for a happy and meaningful life. The four areas to be developed in our quest for becoming more Fully Human are Physical, Cognitive, Emotional and Spiritual. Development of these intelligences is sometimes simultaneous but they are largely built one upon the other.

As infants, our first task is to develop our Physical Intelligence. The early months inhabiting these human bodies are focused on simply learning to control the body and grasp the environment. Cognitive skills form simultaneously as an infant learns how to have its needs met. As time goes on Cognitive Intelligence moves to the forefront; as we learn to think, reason and make choices. Emotional Intelligence follows as we learn to understand feelings and develop skills such as empathy allowing us to understand another’s feelings. The stage is then set for developing Spiritual Intelligence.

The ministry of Jesus encompassed all four of these key intelligences. Jesus ministered to physical needs. He healed the sick, fed the hungry and encouraged us to clothe and care for those who were in need. Jesus stirred our cognitive skills by provoking a deeper level of thought through untraditional statements and teachings. Jesus opened the emotional hearts of those with ears to hear embracing those who were different; the Samaritans, sinners, tax collectors, and sentries. The ministry of Jesus was ultimately spiritual bringing the concept of God from an invisible, judgmental ruler to a deeply personal, loving and indwelling presence. “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” “The father and I are one.” “The father is in me as I am in you,” words that affirm the indwelling nature of God; that God, the Divine is in us.

We have been marvelously made. We, like Jesus, are fully human and fully divine. If we are to follow the teachings of Jesus and unfold to our innate Divinity, we would do well to become more fully human. For in becoming more fully human, we lay a foundation for the Divine in us to be more fully expressed.
© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra

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