Commandments or Blessings?

Seekers of the Lost Ark, Part 2

In part one of Seekers of the Lost Ark we discovered a mystical dimension to the Law of Moses preserved in the Ark of the Covenant; the tabernacle built by the Israelites on their journey to the Promised Land.

The ark was built that God “… might dwell among them.” The invisible source of all being wishes to dwell among the people. The physical ark, built of the finest materials and the most detailed design carries the tablets inscribed with the Word of God; the Ten Commandments. The mystical ark carries the Source of all Being and resides within the heart of humankind.
In this metaphysical interpretation the list of rules inscribed upon the tablets come alive in us. As we recognize the One Power, One Presence, One Activity, God the Good dwelling within us we find that nothing false can have power over us. And thus, the list becomes an assurance of blessings expanding from this great Truth.

“Honor thy Mother and thy Father,” is a relevant rule for living. We honor or give thanks for that from which we have come into the world. But Jesus tells us to “… call no man your father, you have only one Father…” So then, who is your Father? And who is your Mother? If there is only One Power, One Presence, One Activity, God the Good; then might both the Father and Mother be attributes of God? And further, if God dwells within you, might the Father and Mother be an attribute of God within you?

Metaphysically, the mother and father in you represent the thinking and feeling nature. Spiritually, they represent divine wisdom and unconditional love. Made in the image and likeness of Spirit we are blessed with the powers of Wisdom and Love.

How are we blessed then by honoring our father and mother? We remember that we are never alone. We remember that we carry the divine mother and father qualities of Spirit in our hearts and minds. The Mystical Ark is the point of power within us, the quiet place where we connect with Spirit. Here we awaken and honor the indwelling Mother, Father, Everything God and we are abundantly blessed.

© 2015 Rev. Eileen Patra

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