A Prequel to The Calming of the Storm?

Many people know of the Christian Scripture story of the Calming of the Storm when the disciples find themselves tossed and turned by a storm at sea. Terrified, they awaken Jesus from his slumber and he rises to calm the storm. It is a well known story used most often to teach us that Jesus, or the Christ Mind that was in Jesus, can bring us peace in the midst of any storm. But what few people know is the prequel story. What happened between the day of preaching and the taking to the sea? What decisions had to be made before Jesus and the disciples set out on the journey? Find out on Sunday at Unity of Livonia. The message on Sunday is “Getting Out Of Your Mind: Living In The Mind of God” and features the prequel to the Calming of the Storm.

Can’t make it Sunday? Look for my blog post next week when I share this inspiring story.

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