Tiptoeing Through The Changes

I couldn’t help but think of Tiny Tim strumming his ukulele and crooning out Tiptoe Through The Tulips as I watched my cat “Shadow” tip toeing across our new rug. After 30 years we replaced our worn and outdated oriental rug with a new plush, modern rug. It is delicious to walk on and has given us reason to remove our shoes at the door again.

But watching the cat was really a stitch. Never light on his feet, our sixteen pound cat delicately tiptoed across the rug taking each step with curious care as if he were walking on clouds and might fall through into some unseen abyss. It really was quite hilarious.

As I began preparations for this week’s Wednesday Service, Embracing Change it occurred to me that we often tiptoe much like shadow did around major changes in our lives. There’s no getting around it. Change scares the willies out of most of us and makes us feel like we might fall crashing through the clouds into a terrifying void. But what if its just a new rug?

Perhaps change, like our new rug is just an update to a worn out way of being. Perhaps change is indicative of an inner evolution, a catalyst for spiritual growth. Perhaps a new surface to walk upon is exactly what we need to lift our energy into a higher state of consciousness and a greater experience.

In a constantly evolving universe, change is inevitable. In a constantly evolving spiritual being change is certain. There is no void in which to fall through. There is only the evolving soul reaching beyond boundaries to an unlimited place of being.

2 thoughts on “Tiptoeing Through The Changes

  1. janismith

    The only thing that is constant in life is change. The sooner we can accept that fact, the more we will grow and appreciate life. God loves to surprise us.



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