Laying Down the Cloaks

On Palm Sunday we celebrate the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and we are told that everyone laid their cloaks before Him. A cloak is a covering, the outer garment which we wear. When we lay down the outer cloak of personality, ego, personal will, history, and all those things that separate us, we allow the greater Christ Consciousness to ride above the things that cause us to feel separate. What if each day we worked to remove a little more of the cloak of personal will and practiced seeing beyond the cloaks worn by others? Seeing beyond the outer garment we wear causes us to weave a greater cloak, a seamless garment worn together as one. Looking beyond the cloak provides a map, a course, an inevitable journey to wholeness and lasting peace. What will you wear today? What garment will you lay down? What will you find beyond the outer cloak in others today? Let us begin to weave a world of wholeness, harmony and peace. It is after all the Truth of who we are.

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