Beyond The Milkweed

I recall the field behind my house when I was young. It was overgrown with a weed called milkweed. They were really quite beautiful when flowering and rather interesting to a child trying to determine where the milk was. But perhaps the most interesting thing about milkweed is that it is the only plant that the larvae of the Monarch butterfly can eat.

Once emerged, what kind of plants does the newly formed butterfly seek? What lies beyond the milkweed upon which it is weaned? Is the entire process of transformation guided by an innate desire to reach the sweeter nectar of another flower? Does the larvae ask itself what lies beyond the milkweed? Or does it just consume until it can consume no more?

And what lies beyond the milkweed in our lives when what feeds our bodies and human experience no longer serves our needs… when we find ourselves full but unable to feel fed?  [READ FULL ARTICLE]

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